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Traditional Orende` Elemental Healing Testimonies:

The following letter from a client is a testimony to the effectiveness of the Orende` Elemental Energy Healing, a traditional indigenous form of "hands-on" healing even though this work may be done, and often is, without even touching the client physically. 

This next one is one I just came across recently, online, in a blog. This blog is a unique testimonial that reports on both the efficacy of Earth Medicine and the Orende` Elemental Energy Healing also. 

Because of its recent discovery I wasn't able to post it with the other Earth Medicine testimonials on the Home page.

Blog: http://www.lisadonline.com/Blog.htm
Date: Oct. 25, 2005

I was reading an archived article in the Boston Pheonix this AM when I came across another:
It's about Byron Utah Jordan, a holistic healer I saw a couple of times several years ago for treatment of a cyst I had in my right wrist. The cyst was cramped in the crowded top part of my small hand. It was pressing down on a nerve and causing me to have no feeling in my right hand and arm and subsequently along the entire right side of my body an odd vibrating feeling. My conventional doctor referred me to a hand surgeon who had six months earlier aspirated the cyst, however, the pesky little bugger returned. I got loads of advice about how to treat my cyst. I heard; "bang it with the bible or a big book and it'll shatter"...(along with all my bones...no thanks!), "just keep having it aspirated" (with the size of the needle they plunge in my hand each time, no way!) and the best advice of all came from a doctor I saw when I was living in London; "have a cup of tea." Are the English serious with this advice? I have been in hospital in London for several different ailments and each time I have been told to "have a cup of tea." I truly understand the comfort factor in having a nice warm cup of PG Tips, but should one who has been affected by food poisoning and hasn't had food or water for days *really* drink a cup of caffeine? C'mon.
Anyway, back to Byron. I was advised by conventional medical doctors that the only path to resolution was to surgically remove my cyst. This meant a day surgery (not so bad), and a month of non-use (very bad). I *may* suffer permenant nerve numbness and I would certainly end up with a scar on my body. Not to sound vain, I can deal with a scar, but numbness...???...no using my hand for 1 month???? It seemed like an awful lot of trauma as a solution. So, I thought while I was considering surgery, I'd also follow up on 'other' possibilities. I visited a health and natural food store in Lexington, MA. I read several books and might have gone broke and mad trying all of the 'potions' and 'vitamins' suggested in the various and assorted books were it not for a store employee who handed me the contact info for an "indian healer" based in Cambridge, MA. He didn't say much about him but I rang anyway. My first visit with Bryon had me wanting to run out the front door of his "office" (apt. shared with a reflexologist) in the first 15 minutes, but I kept an open mind and while I thought some of his ideas were a little odd, I respected his thoughts and kept listening, taking in what made sense to me. Bryon did have some thoughts I percieved as a bit 'whacked', but his presecription for me what simple and do-able. His main goal for our first visit was to get me to believe that the earth was created with all of the natural elements we need to heal ourselves. (also implying that manufactured drugs and antibiotics etc. were ruining our natural healing possibilities) He provided me with a list of things I could add to my daily eating and drinking regimin also suggesting that I avoid certain things (caffeine, alcohol, fatty foods) but that I should incorporate as much of the lists suggestions as I felt I wanted to. I liked that he didn't damn me to eternal hell for not following the instructions exactly. He respected the fact that incorporating only a few things would be challenge enough and that most likely my body would respond even to only a couple of changes.
So, I took Byron's list to Cambridge Naturals and spent $100 on 3 things; Pascalite ClayGreen Magma, and Priobiotic Bacteria Capsules. I incorporated these ingredients into my daily routine while drinking nearly a gallon of water a day and avoiding alcohol and *some* caffeine. I didn't follow the 'no fat' diet, but I did add lots of leafy greens, cooked and raw to my diet. It wasn't really that difficult. (the Green Magma kind of sucked...but Byron told me that it would get better - and it did...I wouldn't sprinkle it on my ice cream today, but I can tolerate it) After a little more than a month my cyst had shrunk and I had feeling back in my hand. I barely even notice that it happened...one day I just looked and realized my hand was warm again and that odd vibration I'd grown used to was gone. I had visited Byron one other time during that 6 week period. He performed this thing called 'Orende energy healing' on me. I didn't really understand it more than seeing that it incorporated several different healing modalities; reflexology, shiatsu-like energy healing, and drumming (this was the most odd thing for me to handle). But again, I was open and all I can tell you is that I left his 'office' feeling like a million bucks! I drove home in the rush hour traffic, and while folks were beeping and swearing at each other in the Davis Square traffic, I sat in my car feeling like I was on a cloud. Whatever it was, I didn't care, I felt great!
Three years on and my cyst still exists, but it has never gotten as large as before. If it does, I know what to do. Thanks Byron.

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