Earth Medicine Basics

This regimen works best when you are able to do it first thing each morning, on an empty stomach, before you eat or drink anything else but water. Otherwise you should wait until your stomach is empty, usually at least 2 hours after a meal. Or, do it before you eat, on an empty stomach, when you're hungry - maybe an hour or less before a meal.

It works either way, but, it works best when the clay and supplements are done first thing each morning and no other food is eaten until noon, which is actually easy when you do the regimen for 'breakfast', so to speak. People generally find they have more energy, less hunger and feel more awake and alert - even  without coffe. 

Basic Outline of Daily Earth Medicine Regimen

  1. Water - (most important) - Begin each day by drinking water before anything else. The more the better but don't guzzle or drink too fast. Sip water all day. Each day drink at least one gallon of water for every 100 pounds of bodyweight while working on health issues, (one liter of water for each 10 kg). In general, it is advised that one should try to drink at least one gallon of water everyday to enjoy excellent health. 
  2. Clay - Sonne's #7 hydrated Bentonite, take clay each morning on an empty stomach. Take at least the minimum amount recommended in the beginning. The more you take the more effect you get. After clay and water, take....
  3. Barley Grass Juice - Green Magma, or other green food like wheat grass juice or alfalfa. Green Magma barley grass juice is recommended, just follow the directions, taking anywhere up to 3 - 10 teaspoons per day. Find your optimal daily dose by experimentally increasing the dose in incremental amounts. After barley grass juice take....
  4. Probiotic bacteria - use a high potency, multi-strain formula. Take as much as one can afford. The probiotic bacteria are the most important things for immunity. The more the better. Safer than water, so feel confident experimenting with mega doses. This is the most basic, simplest form of Earth Medicine and is remarkably effective for most health concerns.
This ancient approach is based on a cosmic principle which I call " The Power of Simplicity." In this way of simplicity we know that doing too many things, mixing too many things together, is not a good or effective approach, "too much of a good thing is bad". So if you are interested in trying a lot of different supplements or modalities, be forewarned, keep it simple - try one approach at a time and the fewest different supplements that cover all your needs is the desirable way to get the desired results.

If one is dealing with serious health issues it is best, ideally, to not eat late at night. It is ideal to finish your last meal, if possible, by 8 p.m. That is not always possible, but try to eat no later than necessary to allow your body to have a real fast from food, to facilitate metabolic regularity. This also ensures that your stomach is empty when you wake up. Then you can begin doing the water and clay and right away. It is always best to make water the first thing you drink every morning of your life! First thing in the morning is the only time that cold water is recommended during the day.

The idea is to fast all night and morning and not break fast until noon. If you can fast for 12 hours like that each day you will have more energy and better all around health. Fasting before you do the regimen enhances digestion and increases nutrient absorption. Allowing optimal utilization of the supplements you are taking each morning.

On a practical note, be patient, don't worry about being perfect in the beginning.

Habits take time to change. If you need to eat breakfast before noon or drink coffee, don't worry about it. Just make sure you do the regimen first then wait until you feel hungry again before you eat or drink coffee, if possible. Try to wait up to an hour - at least 30 minutes. 

It won't be long until you find it easy to go until noon without eating or even drinking coffee. You will have plenty of energy and mental alertness from the regimen of supplements and water.

If you do get hungry after you do the morning regimen and before you break your daily fast at noon, it is recommended to simply drink water which usually alleviates any hunger pangs, a little clay will help keep the hunger away even longer than just water.  Taking a little fiber product works very well to take away appetite also. These are all great to use in the morning to stave off hunger.

(It is important to avoid using plastic or metal with clay water, a ceramic cup or glass is preferred and avoid stirring clay water with metal or plastic spoons or swizzle sticks or whatever. Clay is inert when dry but highly reactive when wet. Use your finger or a wooden spoon or chopstick if you need. It is okay to not stir it up and just swish the water around in the vessel to stir it up.) 

However, if you find that you feel weak, shakey and/or too light-headed to tolerate comfortably, (all low blood sugar symptoms from temporary hypoglycemia), you would do well to take another tea spoon of the Green Magma or 1-3 alfalfa tablets with water. In just a few minutes your blood sugar will normalize and your physical and mental energy and mental focus will increase significantly and continue to elevate, over time, and on an ongoing basis as you continue doing the regimen day by day. 

This is a "cleansing" regimen, as well as nutritional, and some people find that increasing their intake of water and taking clay and the other supplements seems to stimulate elimination and they see increased bowel movement activity and have to allow some extra time, up to an hour in the beginning, for this increase in elimination, which is all good since it is the desired result to cleanse the system and eliminate what is sometimes very old waste matter and toxins and very bad microbial populations from the colon, sometimes this "impacted fecal matter" may be several years old.

Be aware that you may see similar effects and get the same results and you may need to allow plenty  of time for this morning constitutional, as some call it ( usually a constitutional is a walk, but going through this can be like taking  a strenuous hike up a steep hill, hence the name ). If it turns out that you don't have enough time in the morning then the clay and water part can be done at night, say an hour or so, before bedtime, ideally on an empty stomach.

Remember no eating late at night, anyway, so this actually works well because doing this at night keeps one from getting hungry late at night. If your schedule dictates you can do the whole thing at night. The Green Magma in the morning is still a good idea before coffee to really increase energy and mental focus for the day! Just lead your coffee by at least 15 minutes, that's all, so you can do the Green Magma and then make your coffee, You will be ready for it about the time it is ready for you.

So enjoy your coffee - after you endure your Green Magma for your health and wellness. Believe me you won't regret it, not even when you forget to drink your coffee one morning because you don't miss it because you don't need it anymore. That is when you know you are really getting healthy . . . . Good Luck, and congratulations, you have a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks as you personally take responsibility for your health, body and mind, in a truly holistic way.