Nutrition May Cure AIDS & Other Important News

In the following video of an interview on the AIDS epidemic in Africa Dr. Jean Luc Montagnier, the French researcher who discovered HIV and one of the world's foremost experts on AIDS, clearly states his firm conviction that good nutrition alone is all that is required to strengthen immunity to protect against and even, he believes, cure AIDS. It is only 4 minutes long. Pay close attention to what Dr. Montagnier actually claims here.

The journalist, shocked by what he is hearing, stops and reiterates it to Dr. Montagnier for clarification and asks him, very clearly, if he is understanding Dr. Montagnier's point clearly. The researcher concurs and reiterates that he believes nutrition is the key to stopping the AIDS epidemic ravaging Africa.

This is the researcher who discovered the HIV, the virus said to cause AIDS. In this video he states a completely different understanding from the virological explanation of AIDS basically being caused by a virus. In this video he states that he now believes that AIDS may be cured by, and only by, good nutrition. This means that the world renowned virologist, now believes AIDS to be nutritionally based, not viral based.