Experience The Power of Simplicity

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler." ~  Albert Einstein
Cherokee Medicine Lodge Made, Simply, of Clay

The purpose in using the Earth Medicine regimen is not to cure disease, as we understand the concept of disease, per se. The use of Earth Medicine is intended to rebalance one to a state of health and wellness, with optimal immunity, by simply enhancing one’s wellbeing by being pro-health instead of anti-disease. It works beautifully!

This health building is accomplished by rebalancing one biologically, which is to say, rebalancing one’s own internal microbiology by rebalancing one’s own internal environmental ecology by rebalancing one’s own biochemistry with a safe, simple, and very successful, tried and true method which has been handed down from the Grandmothers since the days of the matriarchal cultural times, which is really not that long ago, especially if you are Ani Yunwiya, or Cherokee as we are known today.

This regimen, in one form or another, has been used for many thousands of years with great success.

         People using Earth Medicine report:

  •         Increasing energy
  •         Enhancing memory
  •         Strengthening immunity
  •         Improving digestion                                                                                                                                
  •         Curing Candida and other yeast and fungal problems
  •         Curing acne and other skin conditions
  •         Ending epilepsy
  •         Correcting ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, developmental delays        
  •         Overcoming allergies and asthma
  •         Alleviating migraine
  •         Eliminating chemical/environmental sensitivities
  •         Reversing diabetes, heart disease, arthritis
  •         Rebalancing hypoglycemia
  •         Resolving PMS
  •         Dealing effectively with cancer and AIDS
  •         Overcoming MS, lupus, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, CFIDS, other "autoimmune”                     conditions, and much   more.

This very safe, simple, effective approach to health embodies an essential principle of great importance in healing. The Power of Simplicity. This principle, a basic law of great importance in all things, is an underlying philosophical theme in all aspects of our Cherokee culture. Indeed, Earth Medicine is a profound pronouncement of this principle.

                                          Earth Medicine Regimen Notes

Clay Water

Before one eats or drinks anything - but water, begin each day with clay water. A teaspoon, or so, (more or less), of clay in a cup of pure water first thing every morning is the essence of Earth Medicine. One may need to take more clay when experiencing any symptoms or discomforts like headaches, nausea, diarrhea, or any other imbalance in one’s health or sense of well-being. 

(It is important to avoid using plastic or metal with clay water, so please avoid using plastic or metal in your cups, glasses or spoons. A ceramic cup or a glass made of glass is preferred and avoid stirring clay water with metal or plastic spoons, swizzle sticks, stir rods or whatever. Clay is inert when dry but highly reactive when wet. Use your finger or a wooden spoon or chopstick if you need. It is okay to not stir it up and just swish the water around in the vessel to stir it up.)

The more clay one takes, the more water one needs to drink to facilitate optimal beneficial effects from the bentonite (montmorillonite) clay. Always follow the clay with extra water. One can take clay safely incrementally until symptoms disappear. An adult may take it by the heaping tablespoonful, or even a quarter cup at a time if one has diarrhea, nausea or other acute symptoms like migraines. Children and pet doses are calibrated by weight with the adult dose based on 140 lbs., so a 70 lbs. child would take half the adult dose of these Earth Medicine supplements.

After taking the first morning dose of clay one should wait a while before taking any other supplements, (a half-hour is ideal in the beginning but after a month or so even less time is required). This is only important for the first clay in the morning. After the first, clay can be taken any time with anything except medications. Take medications at least three hours after clay in the morning. If possible only take meds after noon, or if necessary, take the clay at night before bed if you have to take the meds in the morning. But doing the Earth Medicine regimen first thing each day is always the best way to optimize results in health and healing. 

Essiac / Flor-essence tea

If one is taking the tonic tea Flor-essence, known generically as essiac, it is the first of the supplements to take after the clay water. Follow the directions on the package. Always take
on an empty stomach, when hungry.

If taking the Flor-essence/ essiac one should, if possible, wait until hungry again before taking the Green Magma or other supplements after the essiac. If it is not possible to wait that long, just wait as long as possible after the essiac before taking the Green Magma.

Green Magma must always be taken on an empty stomach, when hungry, away from food and never mixed with food of any kind at any time. Mix 1 tsp in 1 cup water. One may take Green Magma anytime you get hungry before noon, you may take up to 10 teaspoons per day,
but no more. Most people find optimal effect in the 4-8 teaspoons/day range, some find 3 teaspoons is plenty for the day.

Probiotic Bacteria and Fiber

Probiotic bacteria may be used to make a non-dairy yogurt from any good fiber blend product. Use the fiber blend product of your choice and just follow the package directions, but also mix in a little probiotic bacteria (one capsule or so). Place mixture in a glass jar or ceramic cup of water, and keep in a dark, warm place for 4 – 12 hours. Stir occasionally. 

Alternatively one may supplement with probiotics and fiber and eat a lot of vegetables.
Follow directions for the fiber product but you can take probiotics anytime with food, on an
empty stomach, with Green Magma, Aloe juice, herbs . . . .

Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Juice

Whole leaf Aloe vera juice may be taken any time and is especially beneficial after meals. At least one ounce after each meal is ideal. Daily minimum total consumption should be at least
4 ounces/day. A pint (16oz.), or more, per day may be needed to strengthen immunity and enhance digestion and elimination. Experiment.

Whole leaf Aloe vera juice may be taken simultaneously with Green Magma, or immediately after. 

When to eat what you eat 

Try to eat all meals between noon and eight p.m. because the fact is that when you eat is at least as important as what you eat. Eating before noon is bad for digestion and elimination, which in turn is bad for health and healing. Experiment.

What to eat when you eat 

Eat mainly (organic) vegetables, (as much as possible), and especially vegetable soups are very nutritious.  All beans are good (except soy). All grains are bad (generally speaking).
It doesn’t mean you have to eat beans, or avoid grains. Just be aware of this simple statement of fact and test it for yourself. Most people can eat grains but they should not
be made the foundation of your diet like the USDA food pyramid makes them.

An experiment (and an important way to test your health and start the Earth Medicine):

Avoid all grain foods, as well as all dairy and fruit for a month and see if it makes any difference (in anything), especially after you methodically reintroduce these foods back into your diet. Also test vinegar containing foods this way. Be scientific, experiment - by testing it.

Finally, Water: The most important element of Earth medicine is water for the simple 
reason that water is what carries any and all nutrients to the cells of the body and it is
what carries all toxins, from the cells, out of the body.

The Green Magma, clay, probiotics and virtually any and all other supplements require water to be utilized properly by the body. Without adequate water they don't work. So, make sure that you drink a minimum of at least one gallon of water, for every 100 pounds of bodyweight, every day. If this seems like a lot to you, let me assure you that it is - but it is the minimal amount necessary for optimal health. Again, it is simple to test this by experimenting.

How? By trying it for a while, say a month, see what you notice. Be scientific – experiment.    

Donadagohvi (Until we meet again)

Byron Utah Jordan